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Projeto Abraçar

Moringa Projetc
Abraçar Project
Projeto Abraçar

Project "Embracing of Animal Protection"

Hostel BH works as a collection point for doog food and funds to support the project.

The story of the "Embracing of animal protection" project began with a group of volunteers who were concerned and sensitized about the large numbers of abandoned, rejected animals and cases of mistreatment experienced in the city of Vespasiano, Minas Gerais.

The group met in July 2013 with a common goal of transforming the reality of dogs, cats and birds.


Promote and defend animal rights.


To be a reference in the defense of animal rights, through actions that promote better living conditions and result in more harmony in the relationship with people.


Animal rights: Animals have the right to a dignified life and freedom.